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About SRDS


Sri Rajarajeswari Divine Services (SRDS) was registered with the national regulator of business entities and public accountants in Singapore in 2009. Since then, we had been providing quality pooja service with integrity to the Hindu Community following strictly inaccordance to our Holy Scriptures.


We do not customize poojas as per our wishes or agree to do the same as per customer's request. All procedures to be followed have been put in order by our Rishis and we strongly believe no one has the authority to customize or alter them. Whatever has been given is still very relevant to be followed at current times and will do so as long as the Sun & Moon exist.


Those who engage our services could see the benefit and effect of the Poojas very quickly. Our customers stand as testimony to this. All this happens not due to us or due to some miracle. It materializes because when one follows strictly to our scriptures with the right intension. Positive effect only happens when both, the host and the performer conduct ceremonies to appease the Almighty with integrity and not through abundance of material.


We thank our customers who had engaged us with trust. By doing so, it gave us an opportunity to proof the effectiveness and greatness of the oldest religion in the world.


SRDS Vision


SRDS envisions a Sanatana Dharma community that would help all regardless of cast, creed, race or religion.


SRDS Mission


SRDS mission is to bring the wisdom hidden in our scriptures to the laymen in a language that is easy to understand without manipulating or misinterpreting its original contents so that they can be practicing Hindu and be a torch to the rest.


SRDS Believes.....


"ekam sat viprAH bahudhA vadanti"

All Is One, Theologians Call It By Many Names




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